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About The Illuminatus

The Illuminatus is a social and progression raiding guild on the Dawnbringer US server in World of Warcraft. We pride ourselves on a high standard of excellence and the image that standard projects. All of our members conduct themselves in the highest manner possible. 

We also pride ourselves on helping other members progress through the content, whether it be leveling an alt, advancing a profession, downing that troublesome raid or dungeon boss, or simply to answer a question that is on your mind. Every member agrees to this standard upon acceptance into the guild with the understanding that the same courtesy will be extended to them should they ever need the help themselves.

We are currently focusing on leveling all raid toons to level 100 in preparation for T17 heroic content raiding. Once all instances have been cleared on heroic, we will begin T17 mythic progression raiding. We are striving to be rated in the top 5 raiding guilds on Dawnbringer.

Please feel free to drop us a line, follow us on Twitter (@IlluminatusDB), or say hi in-game should you see any of us mllling about.

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